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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sock meets haggis...and scythian...and icewagon flu...

the yarn harlot often takes pictures of her sock-in-progress with other knitters.  sometimes she takes them with famous people.  last year i took a cue from her and took a picture of my monkey WIP with various members of celtic bands and documented its adventures here.

i was excited to do the same this year.  trouble was, i had two pairs of socks OTN, and i didn't know which one to take along.  sunday swing (my rav linky) was pretty but i didn't have the brains to knit on it at the moment (the pattern had evaporated from my memory) and while i was working on hermione's everyday sock (my rav linky), it wasn't as showy.  hermione won out, becos it was easier to knit, and really, the colorwave of the zauberball was tartan-ish in my opinion.

this year's performers at the friday night concert were enter the haggis with scythian and icewagon flu opening for them.  we'd heard scythian play a few years ago, but never heard of the FLU.  the gates opened early, with the FLU kicking off the show.  after they finished their set, i went over to their sale table and sock got its picture taken with the lead singer (his name is escaping me at the mo'):

while i was off getting grub scythian started their set.  they were great (albeit really loud with a lot of distorted feedback - strange considering it was an outdoor setting - and i couldn't understand their words really well).  i joined the throngs of other festival goers who wanted their autographs and pictures taken.  they guys were really good sports getting their picture with sock and zauberball.  i'm sure they're not used to getting requests like that every day, but they had fun with it:

our favorite band got on stage around 8:30 and really rocked it.  my pictures suck (took them with hubby's iPhone - naturally i left mine at the hotel! - and left the good camera at home) but at least the sock ones turned out okay!

victim new drummer bruce with sock and zauberball:

he couldn't get over that i was knitting a sock.  when we finished, he reminded me to knit the second one!

then mark the bassist obliged (he looks a little unsure in this pic!):

trevor the guitarist/singer had fun with the picture.  i even asked him how his new baby boy is!

we waited a while for fiddle player/keyboardist/singer brian's picture becos the couple ahead of us just wouldn't STFU with him.  i asked if i could take his picture with my sock, and reminded him that i was the crazy sock/yarn lady who asked him to do the same thing last year at fling.  he looked at my sock and the DPN holder and commented that it was "cool...yet scary".  he found an equally as wacky pose with sock and zauberball and i got this:

dear bob, i love him.  :) :) :)  just think, i have brian DNA on my sock now!  brian also signed the bottom of hubby's beer stein.

no clue where craig the bagpipe player was.  he's the only one sock didn't get its picture with!  oh well, there's next year...

one thing that i love about ETH is how they hang around to talk with their fans.  on facebook, they (i'm presuming brian) thanked everyone for seeing them at fling and making them feel like rockstars.  dude, you ARE rockstars!  how freaking cool that you take the time to talk with your fans and indulge their whims.  

hubby and i had a ball at celtic fling.  we enjoy rocking out with our favorite band.  we can't wait to see them again - hopefully sooner than celtic fling next year!

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