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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i have my work cut out for me

i got a lot of beads on vacation.  a lot of beads.

while walking around downtown lancaster looking for a british grocery store (which we never found) we found a bead shop.  me and beads, i had to have a looky.  naturally i didn't walk out empty handed...

three sets of stitch markers. the blue daisies are my favorites...or is it the dice? the blue swirlies?

i adore the flying pig. pretty much sums up when most of my UFOs will be completed... :)

i couldn't pick a favorite, so i picked a bunch of flowered glass beads...and yet another marker set...

these defied a glass swirl, milifiori bead, glass tile pirate. challenge?

stone peace sign, bone skull.

full of favorites!  those lampwork jack o lanterns are adorable!  lampwork flower beads were so pretty.  everyone needs luck with their knitting, right?  "eye" bead and "fireworks" bead, i couldn't leave behind.  and how freakin' cute are those cupcake beads?!!

the girl in the shop asked what i was going to do with the beads, and when i told her i was going to make stitch markers with them, she didn't seem surprised. maybe others visit her shop for the same reason!

then i visited the bead lady at celtic fling. found gobs more beads:

skulls and more skulls. me and my skulls.  i love that green one - it's my "alien" skull.  how i love skulls!!

found the owl first (yep, me and my owls...). then i found the fox. i thought i could make an animal set, but found the mermaid and the buddha. so cute.

more glass beads - love the "firecracker beads". and shamrock beads for celtic fling, natch!

i'm in dire need of some "stink eyes" for my knitting...

the gold hand is a fave...

i'm not sure how the glass cherries will hold up as a marker, but i'm gonna try!  another lampwork flower bead.  the red bead is a wooden one that didn't fit in anywhere.  then i found the red toadstool.  i love toadstools as much as skulls and owls.  odd one, i am.

wow. guess i'm gonna need more t-pins and jump rings!

mama's got a lot of stitch markers to make!!

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