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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

who's got the button?

i's got the buttons:

etsy is another new addiction.  i shouldn't be allowed anywhere near it.

last week i was on looking at stitch markers and yarn bowls.  somehow i stumbled onto a page with button jars.  i love buttons.  i got this jar on a whim.  i liked its unique shape.  i have no idear what "duchess" is but the jar band recommends "not freezing" and "do not place near refrigerator coils".  i'm guessing duchess was a cheese spread.

button jars are like a box of chocolates.  you don't know what you're getting in them.  this jar could have a treasure trove, or simply a jar full of boring shirt buttons.  i don't think i got zonked with this one - i got some really neat finds:

the little man with the button is delightful!  and how cute are the elephant and duck buttons?

these ball buttons were intriguing:

and i found a few sets of buttons:

"eye" see you!

this button jar was $5.  totally worth it, for both the jar and the buttons!

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