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Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 2011 PSOTMC

this is june's pick for PSOTMC:

schoppel wolle crazy zauberball (rav linky) in colorway 1507.  i loved the teal, burgundy and grey colors in it.

i didn't know what to do with this yarn.  i considered it one of my "special" yarns and wanted do something "special" with it.  a look-see at the projects gallery on ravelry showed a variety of projects - lots of shawls and socks.  i wanted to make a pair of socks, obviously, but didn't want to make a pair of plain old vanilla ones.

after a bit of searching, i decided that i'd make striped socks with zauberball.  but, do i make the stripes with opposite ends of the ball (which would mean i'd have to wind it into a cake which i really didn't want to do becos i loved the orbyness of the ball) or alternate the stripes with a solid yarn?  i had a couple skeins of plain yarn, and did a little experiment:

i had skeins of brown sheep lambs pride superwash sport (rav linky) in charcoal grey or sable brown.  the zauberball has a bit of brown and grey in it, so i did a little test swatch:

the grey won out becos it brightened up the zauberball, while the brown seemed a bit muddy.

now i have to figure out how to knit stripes!  i need to think about how to knit the stripes, without jogs.  i want to carry the unused yarn along the way becos i don't want to cut the yarns and have dozens of ends to weave in.  i also don't want to make a blister-creating ridge in the foot.  this is my PSOTMC challenge!

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