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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

frogging and recycling

this weekend i am participating in family fun day as part of the knitting demonstration.  as i was gathering knits to take along to show, i found a few projects that were neglected.  a shapeless hat, a "shrug" which was basically a long knitted tube, never worn, ignored.  i liked the yarn i used in these projects and thought that it could be put to a better use.  so a frogging i went.

picking the hat apart was a chore.  i knitted it shortly before i got pregnant with the kiddos, and it's apparent i had baby brain, becos it was a mess.  i didn't take pictures of the frogging, but i think i'll try to make another hat with the yarn.

the "shrug".  i knitted this around the time i lost ani.  clearly i was in a fog when i did it.  i crocheted the edges to make the sleeves and buried the ends and i had a pickle of a time digging them out.  the shrug took 5 balls of debbie bliss pure cotton and i think it would make a lovely shrug - one in a decent shape.

then there was this little number:

this was supposed to be the briar rose yoga wrap (rav linky).  but i wasn't feeling the bobbles and cables, and it sat for the better part of a year.  the yarn is lovely - it's bamboo ewe - and i think it has the potential to be another shawl or wrap.  just without bobbles or cables.




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