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Monday, July 25, 2011

movie knits - ramona and beezus

the ramona books by beverly cleary were favorites of mine when i was a little girl.  i dug out those books several months ago to share with the boy, and he loves the books as much as i do.

last year the ramona series was made into a movie called ramona and beezus.  the movie is an amalgam of story bits from the books, primarily ramona forever (aunt bea's wedding, picky-picky's death), ramona and her mother (the toothpaste and the runaway scenes), ramona and her father (her dad's job loss), to name a few.  the movie ran on HBO recently and as we watched it, i found some cute knits and crafty DIY.  ramona, a crafty artsy girl in the books, lives in portland oregon, which seems to be a pretty crafty city to begin with.

as always, excuse the crappy photos.  this airing was on an non-HD channel, so some of the pictures are fuzzy.

ramona's (joey king) kitty shirt.  i adore this kitty cat t-shirt.  i bet if i dug up enough scraps of calico, i could make a shirt for petunia.

a slightly clearer shot of the kitty t, but i snapped the shot for this:

aunt bea (ginnifer goodwin) wearing a skirt that either has a crocheted waistband, or is a crocheted belt.

aunt bea with a crocheted market bag.

i tried so hard to get a shot of aunt bea's shawl.  it was a lovely purple wrap with a subtle pattern.

ramona wearing a wool bead necklace.

dad (john corbin) wearing a probable diy dad's day gift - a hoodie with the girls' hand prints on it.

another good example of ramona's craftiness:  gluing the label from the peanut butter jar onto a t-shirt, to wear to a commercial audition.  beezus (selena gomez) offered to add sparkle to the logo with a little bit of glitter glue.

cute knitted (or is that crochet?) ski hat, worn by ramona during picky-picky's funeral.

i tried to get shots of the back of the hat, as well as shots of beezus' grey sweater (probably not handknit, but very comfy nevertheless).

according to the wiki, there may be a sequel to this movie. i am so excited to hear this.  i hope it has some awesome knits and craftiness too!

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