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Sunday, July 10, 2011

the grass is green on both sides of the fence

on ravelry i enjoy looking at other people's FOs.  it astonishes me that some people can knock out a pair of socks, delicate lace shawls, intricate sweaters and hats and scarves in a short period of time.  me, i maybe get a row or two a day, give or take, depending on how well the kiddos nap or behave.  my prime knit time is in the evenings, but more often than not, i'm too tired to knit, and my needles sit idle.

i admire the shawls and socks and sit and wish that i had more time to knit.  wish that the kiddos gave me time and space to work on my citron, or the 2 pairs of socks OTN.  i look forward to the day when they go to school and i can work on the FOs that are piling up in my dining room.  lately i don't have the heart to work on them becos i am either tired or don't have the head space for them.

initially i felt a little jealous that these ladies crank out the of knits.  they either have no children or else older children who give them the space to knit.  they are financially free to buy as much yarn as they desire.

but then i thought some more that, on the flip side,  perhaps these women would give up knitting in exchange for becoming a mother of a healthy child, or for a sibling for their child.

while i may admire the "green grass" on the other side of the fence, the grass on my side is looking pretty darn green too.  

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  1. Preach it, sista!
    Love my knitting, but love my kids even more! Wouldn't trade them or one of their (3 hour) games, or 2 hour concerts, or a gazillion hugs and kisses that I have enjoyed over the years. They are better than the finest yarn, needles, and fiber this world has to offer!


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