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Saturday, July 9, 2011

yet more wasted money

remember this insane post?  how about this one?  this subject is about to become a trilogy, becos i have an update.

our neighboring community fixed the "wordy, too small lettering" signs and updated them a couple weeks ago.  on this day i caught some landscapers souping up the property:

it's better, but really, did we need this?  it still looks dumb and boring.

hubby wondered why they didn't get one of those electronic message boards.  they could have had a nice "city sign" with a message board running announcements of local activities.  it would have been a nice upgrade to the ugly plastic banners that hang for silent auctions or bingos that hang in the area.

our school district decided to shutter the two middle schools and move students to the elementary schools (6th grades) and the high school (7th and 8th).  i wonder if the money wasted on these signs could have saved those schools.

here is an article from a couple months ago regarding the edits.  another ran a couple weeks ago, and naturally i can't find it.  

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