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Friday, July 22, 2011

more treats from the mail fairy

i can't be trusted on etsy.  i keep finding new cool things.  like these:

i found this little cutie on knitterella's blog.  knitifact's glass stitch markers are like perfect little jewels.  hootie is currently earning his keep on my KDO cap.  i love him.

then these arrived:

i found LadyDanio via an ad at the bottom of a page on ravelry (gotta love those ads).  she creates stitch makers from deconstructed jewelry and reclaimed beads.  her work is exquisite and i love the fact that i have a one of a kind set of stitch markers.  it was the shamrock that sold me, but i am most intrigued by the hammered rings.

then goodies from my favorite british etsy shop, fripperiesnbibelots:

not stitch markers, but a big splurge for me:

signature circs in size 4 and 6.  i got 40 inchers, useful for shawls, ML socks or mittens or whatever.  i hope to add more circs to my collection, but these seem to be the most used needle sizes for me.  i love my DPNs.  i love the stiletto points.  once you use them it's hard to go back to blunter needles.

and another skein of ella rae merino lace.  so i can attempt citron #2, and perhaps make it longer with salvaged yarn from citron #1.

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  1. Oh, I love the owls, and the f & b ringO's.
    I'm SO happy you found more Ella Rae - that color looks so great on you!
    Maybe i'll knit another citron with you!


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