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Sunday, July 3, 2011

PSOTMC for july

who am i kidding?  i'm not going to knit this up this month:

it's schoeller +stahl fortissima colori disco socka (rav linky).  apparently it's also discontinued.  that doesn't surprise me - i think it's one of the first skeins of sock yarn i ever bought (the shop where i bought it went out of business years ago).  once upon a time i had two skeins of this yarn, becos i forgot i bought a skein and got another becos i liked the colors and the sparkly.  i swapped the extra skein 2 years ago.

to date, i've made little progress on my PSOTMC.  i have maybe half a leg on june's pick.  i have leg ribbing on a second sunday swing (from march).  and april and may's picks were busts.  i should finish those other pairs of socks before i start a new pair.  therefore, disco goes back into the "yarn pond".

i think i need to reconsider my "rules" for my PSOTMC.  i started my club last september, and i'm coming up to my anniversary.  i planned to knit a pair of socks a month.  unfortunately, life aka the kids has a way of interrupting things, and i just didn't get done, the things i wanted to do.

the beauty of doing a personal sock of the month club, with stash yarn, is that there are no rules but the ones you set for yourself.  maybe i need to tweak my own rules.  some knitters, either becos of speed or the busyness of their lives, chose to knit a pair of socks every 2 months.  some are knitting quarterly socks.    i think a pair every couple of months is more realistic for me, and should i finish a pair before the end of the month, i can always start a new pair.  no knitting police patrolling my neighborhood (at least, i don't think they are).  

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