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Sunday, July 3, 2011

in my defense...

the yarn i bought was mostly on sale.  and the stores i went to are closed on sundays.  so the next time i'm at these yarn shops, will probably be next year.

hubby had a board meeting at penn state, and i tagged along.  i yarn crawled 2 shops that are closed on sundays, when hubby's meetings are usually held.

i visited knitters underground first.  the last time i was in this shop, it was in their old location in centre hall.  it's been at least 3 years.  i missed the old funky house it was in, but i love this warehouse.  it is huge.  she sells a lot of brown sheep, dale of norway and galway, but i found a lot of things that i can't get locally.  they also have spinning supplies.

this is what i walked out with.  she was having a fabulous sale:

at $2.50 a skein, that's a pair of socks for $5. seven pairs of socks for $35. can. not. beat. that.

then i traveled to the other end of the county to stitch your art out.  i visited this shop's stand at KDO but never the b&m store.  i can't be trusted here.  i could spend hours in this place.

SYAO also sells material for quilting and sewing projects. i bought these becos i love material and maybe someday i'll quilt. yeah right. but some of those squares (fat quarters, right?) are for a secret giftie. shh!

beads and buttons. becos it's hard to find nice beads and buttons! the multicolored shell beads i got at KU and they match the beads i bought at my first visit there, 4 years ago.  the seed beads at SYAO.  all but the daisy buttons, i got at KU:

patterns and labels from KU: ring markers, crochet hooks and purple stick thingy from SYAO. the bag i got at barnes and noble, just becos it looked like it would hold a lot of crap. i think i would make a nice knit bag too:

some "light" reading:

gotta figure out when to find time to cross stitch, since i spend so much time knitting (sarcasm).  i got these at joanne's (still annoyed becos i couldn't find sheepish, which was the reason i stopped by):

hubby ate lunch at his meeting, so i ate at chik-fi-la, which was a rare treat for me. it's also closed on sundays, and the last time i ate at one was 3 years ago after my miscarriage. i forgot what their sandwiches were like and wished mine had mayo/salad dressing, and i ditched the waffle fries becos i was hot and not craving salt (the sandwich was uber salty). sigh. i really wanted a BLT at meyers, but they didn't have it on the menu. oh well.

driving home this passed us:


i thought it was a tri-cycle. apparently it's a motor cycle with the ass end of a car:

my apologies for my sucky kinnear of the cycle. dude's wife was sitting in the back with her legs crossed. it was a sight to behold.

we had a beautiful day to cruise. a lovely day with hubby indeed.

and while i gave mr. credit card a work out, i now have a lot of wool to work with!

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