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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

to stash or not to stash

while visiting stitch your art out a couple weeks ago, a group of ladies came into the store.  a lady was looking for a match to her dwindling skein of noro and she thought they might have the same colorway.  she found a reasonable match and asked her (i'm assuming) daughter for her opinion.  the verdict:  not sure if it was a close enough match.  well, said the woman, it was close enough, and noro is so variegated it would be good enough.  i wouldn't buy it, said the daughter.  what if you get home (they lived out of state) and you're not happy with the color, and you're stuck with yarn that you don't want and can't use and can't return?  on top of that "it cost more - she could get it cheaper elsewhere" (yes, she said this in front of the clerk.  i was gobsmacked).

the ladies buzzed around the small shop, picking and admiring yarn while the lady paid for her yarn.  the ladies saw my arms piled with yarn, crochet hooks, beads and a button tube and asked what i was making.  "don't know yet - the yarn was beautiful and some day i'll find a project for it."  the same mouthy woman commented "only buy what you need - it's a waste to have yarn that you don't have a project in mind for it".

i've documented my SABLE here so it's no surprise what my thoughts on stash are.  after they left, i commented to the clerk, "i wonder what that woman's stash looks like?  imagine only buying yarn for the project you're planning!"  the clerk agreed - she had stash too.  i know one other knitter who only buys yarn for projects - a lady at the library knitting group only bought yarn when she had a new project.  i admire her restraint.

the upside to no stash is not worrying about where to store it!  no worries about infestation.  it certainly keeps the credit card bills in check!

on the other hand...i have vacation and souvenir yarn.  i probably won't ever use it, but when i see it, it reminds me of the good or bittersweet memories associated with it. i had a lot of fun planning my PSOTMC with my sock yarn stash - i found yarns that i'd forgotten about.  when i wanted to knit a sweater for my cousin's new baby, i had the yarn sitting in my stash - i had it for years, and it took that long to find the perfect project for it.

my stash, as i've mentioned  before, is scattered across the house in various baskets, bins and containers.  today i found this at target, on sale for $10:

a mere muggle would see this as a cheap picnic basket.  as a knitter, i see stash containment:

it's messy at the moment, but soon it will be home to sock/lace yarn.

what are your thoughts on stash?  is it good or bad to have stash?

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