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Monday, July 11, 2011

wiggles goldberg jr

meet our new addition to the family:

yep, the boy won a carnival fish:

thank goodness petsmart was open on a holiday so we could buy this:

for $30 ($5 for the fish, $25 for the tank et al), this fish better not die.

hubby and i won a carnival fish when we first got married.  it died after 3 days.  we replaced it with 2 fish from walmart.  they promptly went to the big fish pond in the sky too.

when i was 6 i won a fish at a firemen's carnival.  i was so excited to have my first pet, and promptly bought a bowl and neon castle at newberry's in hazleton.  2 days later it died.  we buried it in a matchbox behind my gram's rhododendron bush, and when i visited the grave the next day it was dug up.  i guess fishy made a fine meal for a neighborhood kitteh.

so far it's been a week, and wiggles is doing fine.

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  1. My brother and I won two goldfish at a fair, and they lived happily together in a platic tupperware for five years... Until his ate mine. His lived to be seven!


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