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Monday, August 1, 2011

august PSOTMC

this month's offering for august's PSOTMC:

odd.  i don't have this in my rav stash.  however, it's KP's fascination in seven dwarfs.  i got it a couple years ago and it's a good example of a classic hoard.  i love the colors, love the squooshiness of the yarn but held onto it for who knows why.  it was a good candidate for my PSOTMC.  sigh

since i'm working on freddie's sweater (for fair exhibition) and getting things ready (for fair exhibition), i don't have time to work on socks (and i still have 2 ruddy pairs still outstanding!  they really should get attention dibs first).

sigh  maybe when life calms down some (i wish i knew when that would be), this yarn will finally see the light of day and become a lovely pair of socks.

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  1. Dear bob that's supposed to be KP *imagination*. Sorry for the confusion!


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