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Sunday, July 31, 2011

i think it worked

remember the black salt post?

i think it worked.

the house next door is still on the market, and we haven't seen the couple interested in buying it ever since.  they told hubby they were closing at the end of july, but so far we haven't seen anyone at the house other than the yard maintenance guy who mows and weeds.  now, maybe it's taking them longer to get the financing.  you would think the realtor would stick a "pending" notice on top of the sale sign if things were in motion.  but we have a feeling that the deal fell through and it's still on the market.

then, the people next door to the vacant house (where the boy's sometimes friend lived) started moving out.  earlier this week i saw a truck with a trailer, and i thought maybe someone did buy the house next door and started moving in, but then i saw more activity at the other neighbor's house and realized that they were moving.  the boy is bummed he's losing his little friend.  i feel sorry for him.

holy cats.  guess the black salt really works.

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