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Saturday, August 27, 2011

near sweep

it's fair time, and i submitted quite a few items for exhibition.  the county fair is nerve wracking to say the least, so let's say a prayer to the knitting gods...

there was one hat against mine, a pair of slipper socks against  mine, and no knitted mittens as far as i could see.

no scarves or shawls either.  hopefully i sweep these categories.

sweaterwise, bigger boy blue was up against a shell stitch baby cardi with cute multicolored flower buttons and a bow sewed to the front of it.  there was also a cute pullover baby sweater with ribboned flowers sewed along the collar (good thing not in my catagory).  both baby sweaters were acrylic and stiff as can be.  hopefully sewn zipper and soft swish beat out cute acrylic.  those sweaters were also hung on hangers.  if i enter a sweater next year, i have to remember that!

there was a beautiful sampler square blanket made from cotton dishrag yarn.  bright and cheerful, but heavy.  i wish i had a blanket to enter this year, but i didn't have any except the one i made my cousin.  hopefully next year i'll have the beekeeper's quilt done and can enter it.


all told, i did a near sweep - 5 blue ribbons, one second place.  one guess what i got that one for.

i swept the shawl, scarf, mitten and hat categories (i was the only one who entered.)  the other hat i thought i was against?  it was in the cap category.  what's the difference between a hat or cap?

i took first in socks;  the garter slipper socks with the fun fur edging took second place.  yay me!

bigger boy blue took second place.  the shell stitch baby sweater with the multicolored buttons took first.  guess cuteness factor won out over sewn zipper.  better luck next year.  petunia will need a new sweater and i'll have to find a pattern that's fair worthy.

next month the same projects enter the bloomsburg fair, and there's stiffer competition there.  i pray my things place well.

the beauty about entering projects in county fairs is that it motivates me to do better and knit better.  to find that unique knit to knocks out the competition.  stretch my knitting muscles.


  1. I think it is AWESOME that you entered the county fair with your work! I once sewed a skirt that I entered (way back in the day). But I never took home blue ribbons like that. Your things are beautiful!


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