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Friday, August 26, 2011

where did summer go?

holy hanna, where did the summer go?

yet again, i let summer get away from me, and i didn't get what i wanted to do done.  to wit:

1.  hubby and i were going to take the boy to knoebels to swim and go on rides.  we planned to do this a few weeks ago and naturally it rained (after not raining practically all summer).  we hope to take him out some weekend, but i was bummed that we didn't get out as much as we wanted.  and disappointed for the third year in a row that we didn't swim there either.

2.  eating out at the fence.  the kids and i ate there with mom and dad earlier this summer but we never got back, and the restaurant will be closing in a few weeks.

3.  movies.  i wanted to see x-men, thor, the beaver (yes, i wanted to see this), super 8, larry crown, captain america, planet of the apes, the change-up and our idiot brother.  i made sure we saw harry potter 7.2, and i got to see the help and bridesmaids by myself.  oh well.  in a few months they'll be on PPV and be cheaper to watch.

4.  date nights.  not counting celtic fling, i can count the number of date nights on one hand.  this has to stop.  i need alone time with my husband.

5.  mom's day out days.  i can also count these on one hand.  mom's surgery, my gram's broken arm, and various things on hubby's family's side severely curtailed my mom's day wednesdays.  this lead to...

6.  no swimming.  no yoga either.  becos it was hard to find someone to watch the kids during the day, i didn't get to go swimming or to yoga.  and by the time hubby got home from work, i was too spent to work out.  my own fault really.  but it sucks just the same.

7.  spending days at the library.  i started strong.  the boy went the first couple of weeks, and i took the kiddos to one before petunia decided to make a run for it.  then the boy had bible school and missed a week.  then the july 4th weekend goofed up our week.  then the boy went to math camp the first week of august.  plus it was so blasted hot, i didn't want to take the kids out in the heat (read:  my HS was flaring and i was in pain and i couldn't bare the thought of hauling the kids in and out of the van in the heat).

8.  i didn't get the boy swim lessons this year.  spring and then summer flew by too fast.  next spring, i'll plan ahead and get him lessons.

9.  other than celtic fling and camping this weekend, we didn't take a vacation.  no money.  no time.  sucks, but that's the way life goes.

10.  freezing/canning.  well, i got a couple dozen corn steamed, cut and bagged (about 6 bags worth).  i want to buy a few more dozen so i have about a dozen bags of corn.  we hubby canned 7 jars of tomato sauce.  i'd like to can more tomato sauce but seeing that it's the end of season, and hubby's busy, i don't see this happening.  i'd process the tomatoes myself, but not with the kiddos underfoot.

maybe next year, i'll actually get my act together and plan ahead, so my family and i can make more out of our summer.

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