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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

found! the owl and the afghan

remember this post about the knitted owl and crocheted blanket in the smurfs movie?

guess what friends?  the set dresser from the movie stumbled upon my blog and found my inquiry, and was kind enough to share the sources from where the owl and afghan came from!

oh my bob, the owl!!!  how freakin' adorable are they?!!

image courtesy of golden calf brooklyn

sadly they are sold out.  but at least i have a good image of them, and can try to figure out how they were made, so i can make one of my own!

this afghan is similar to the one in the movie...


image is courtesy of dragonfly dry goods

(my apologies to the fuzzy image - i blew it up a little)

many thanks to regina graves for stumbling onto my humble blog and sharing her resources with us!  i hope the linkys are of help to you as they were to me!

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  1. OH, Super cute :D That's lucky that the person found your blog!


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