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Monday, September 19, 2011

yarn binge

i went on a yarn bender of sorts.  never mind that i inhaled fiber fumes at KDO...

i always wanted to try something from quince and co.  i heard great things about this company - they use american fibers.  the colors are gorgeous.  what to choose?  this is one of those cases where i wish i could fondle the yarn, but i took a shot...

this is two skeins of chickadee in lupine.  i have no idear what to do with it, but isn't it pretty?

i wanted to try spud and chloe yarn for a while now, so i cruised the net to find it at a reasonable price.  the best i could find was at jimmy beans wool.

the colors are outrageous.  it was so hard to pick just one.  i decided to buy enough yarn to make the kiddos mittens and hats for the winter.  freddie got barn (red) and petunia got waterslide (aqua).  petunia's winter coats are pink or purple (mom got them and i didn't know what colors they were).  aqua with pink and purple will look interesting!

i had to pad the order so i could get free shipping, so i ordered this:

Mission Falls 136 Merino Superwash in poppy.  it was on sale.  sadly mission falls closed up shop earlier this year and all of their yarns and patterns were sold.  i liked mission falls cotton (i used it to make the kids' ball hats).   stinks that they closed - but i got this wonderful yarn tho!

i wanted to dip my toes into the berroco pool.  this is vintage chunky in dewberry.  i'm thinking mittens for me, and maybe a hat to match.

i've heard so much about a verb for keeping warm and wanted to taste it:

metamorphosis in thai iced tea.  my skein looks more terra cotta than the websites (which looked more spicy orange).  it's superwash merino/silk and feels scrumptious.  as soon as i finish doctoring up hot tomato (my rav linky), i'm casting on the high road shawl (rav linky).

i had a fun time winding my cake.  even with a swift, it got all tangly!  i thought i was going to have to wind up wearing the hank around my neck, but i found the tangle and put it on the swift, and had no trouble winding the rest of the yarn up.

this is sanguine gryphon:

that would be skinny bugga! in sooty dancer on the left, traveller in uljin on the right.

for the record, that's my first skein of black yarn in a lace weight.

oh yes, i did!

hand dyed silk hankies by play at life fiber arts in wheel in the sky colorway.  i can't wait to knit with these!  they are destined to be (what else?) - mittens.

okay, i think it's time for me to put my credit card/paypal on ice, and get to work!

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