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Saturday, September 24, 2011

my bobbin lace heart

remember the bobbin lace class i took at KDO?  i finished my project, but didn't know how to bind off (plus it was late, my body ached and i was tired).  i left my heart behind becos the instructor promised to finished them off for us and mail them provided we left our address.

i didn't think i'd see my little handiwork again.  the poor lady had to evacuate her home/business becos of the flooding, and i figured she had better things to do than finish my work.  but guess what came in the mail today:

that's my little heart, and the dear lady also sent a packet of tea.  yay!

proof that it did happen:

yep, i did make that.  it would be fun to try again, but to buy the supplies...not exactly in my budget.  the time to do this (becos it's pretty intricate and requires concentration) - it's in short supply for me.  maybe some day.

thank you, debra of half moon handwerks, for your class at KDO, and taking the time to finish my project.  i hope you'll be at KDO again next year, so i can take your tatting class!

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