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Sunday, September 25, 2011

seeing double

the other week, we piled into the car for a drive to check out the damage our area sustained from the floods.  walking into the garage, i saw two monarch butterflies, dancing with each other.  ordinary butterflies a person would see.  but i saw ani and mac, no doubt sending us on our way.

on the kiddos' birthday, we had a double rainbow.  well, hubby saw most of it.  i saw the tail end before it melted away.  i can't help but think that my two angel babies were sending greetings to their brother and sister on their special day.

the boy and the kiddos keep me so busy that i don't think about ani as much as i did.  but i know that she and mac are here.  like the butterflies and the double rainbow, they remind me.  and they are not forgotten.

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