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Saturday, September 17, 2011

no fair

for the first time in its 150+ year history, the bloomsburg fair was canceled due to the excessive flooding from the rains last week.

i am sorry the fair was canceled.  i was looking forward to showing my projects.  but i completely understand why.  many of the buildings were damaged extensively from flood waters.  fencing around the grounds was destroyed.  the parking area, no doubt, is still spongy a week later and i can imagine vehicles sinking and getting stuck in the mud.  the fairgrounds would not be safe for either human or beast;  the germs and nasties carried by the waters and now stuck in the mud would make anything ill.

sadly though, are the homes on the outskirts of the fairgrounds, many damaged beyond repair.  other years, we parked in front of these homes, or paid their owners to park in their back yards.  i'm sure the last thing on those owners' minds is the fair.

i feel sorry for the vendors who will be unable to work this week.  i'm sure many of them count on the fair for boosting their income.  another sad reminder of the economic damage resulting from the floods.

there was talk of having an abbreviated fair later this year, but i think it would be best for the organizers to just repair the grounds, and plan for a spectacular fair next year.

an upside (like there is one) is that i can now wear my 9/11 socks and freddie can wear his sweater.  i also have the opportunity to knit a better pair of socks, sweater and shawl!

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