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Sunday, September 18, 2011

if only everyone felt this way about church!

for the past two communion sundays, petunia has kicked up a fuss when it's time to commune.

one sunday she started sobbing as the communion assistants came up front to distribute the elements.  then two sundays ago she carried on so badly that hubby had to take her out to the "cry room" until it was time for our pew to go to the table.  turns out, she wanted the bread my dad gives us.  once she was back to our pew, she was content to munch her bread and watch parishioners take their turn.

i can't help but think, what if everyone acted like that at communion time?  that we cried and begged to be taken up front for the bread and wine of our savior?  we should!  i don't mean make a spectacle of ourselves, but to be excited to share in our Lord's blessings and remember our covenant.

communion sunday is a few weeks away.  petunia will, with no doubt, cry and fuss when she sees the assistants pass out the elements, get into position, and watch her pap share the homemade bread.  i will remember how lucky we are to commune together, and remember God's rich blessings he has given us.

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