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Monday, September 26, 2011

petunia's socks - september PSOTMC

i finally finished a pair of socks for my PSOTMC!  meet petunia's socks:

plain vanilla socks knit with claudia hand painted in red wagon with size 1.5 needles.  the first sock flew off the needles in a matter of days.  the second one languished through my weeks of sick (which killed the knitting mojo a little bit) and the weeks of hell inbetween.  cranked on the second sock so i could get something finished!  i have no idear why it would take so long to knit on one little sock, but there it is.

petunia loved her first sock weeks ago.  i think she would have worn it as is.  when i put both socks on her, she pitched a holy fit.  or maybe she was mad becos i took off her abby cadabby socks (from the target dollar bins, no less!) and her sparkly kicks!

so much for the cutesy "lookit i made my girl her first pair of real socks!"

picked october's choice - these are going to be a pair of socks for grams for xmas:

wish 'em luck!

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