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Monday, September 26, 2011

little miss fashionista

every few months target offers exclusive goods by a famous designer.  isaac mizrahi and liberty of london were previous promotions.  this month it was missoni.  i was looking forward to this line.

the line opened the week i was sick, and i didn't get to the store until a couple days after it was released.  i knew pickings might be slim...but i had no idea that everything would be wiped out!  i live in podunk valley, and how was i supposed to know that the rednecks around here knew about missoni!  no clothes (except for teeny panties.  uh, no).  no bags (and i wanted a tote.  i knew they'd go fast).  the only thing i found in housewares was a brown patterned tapas set.  i left it becos i really had my heart set on the vivid stripes, not the neutrals.  

i didn't walk away empty handed.  petunia made out like a bandit as i snapped up a pair of knit leggings and a hat for her.  when i brought them home, she put the pants and hat on immediately (over her pajama bottoms, no less!)  now when she sees her pants she gets all excited.  i think i have a little fashionista on my hands!

the shirt's not missoni - it's cherokee (also found at target).  not a bad match!  while going through petunia's fall clothes, i found another chartreuse top and a plum top that would also go with the pants.  i think she'll get a lot of wear out of them, and they'll be especially nice when it's cold later.

a couple days later i did a grocery run, and i ran back to target to see if they had anything else.  that's how i wound up with a pair of missoni socks.  go figure, me the sock knitter buying socks!  i also found a couple make up bags (more neutrals) an overnight bag (i debated getting one and using it for a knitting bag, but i just couldn't justify spending the $50 on it) and a few suitcases (they were expensive).

yesterday i got another pair of socks and a sweater vest for freddie.  score!

i guess this was a successful run for missoni and target.  can't wait to see who target features next!

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