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Sunday, October 16, 2011


if you're LSG or get uncomfortable reading posts about faith, you might want to skip this.  unfortunately this is a kvetch post.

climb soapbox

last week was commitment sunday.  that's the day when we fill out our time and talent sheets.  we check off the activities and committees we wish to participate in for church for the next year, and also note our tithe commitment.  we do this every year.  the sheets are gathered and the information is parsed out to the committees, so they know who is interested in what.  also, the church budget is planned by what people pledge to give.

i remember, in the past, the church being full on this sunday.  members of council sat in the first few rows, showing their leadership in the church.  even the children received a sheet, promising to attend sunday school and church, pray daily, and read the bible with their parents.

last sunday felt scant.  there were a handful of children who attended the children's moment.  our choir was down a few members.  it was a nice indian summer day.  it was a holiday weekend.  i'm guessing people had better things to do than sit in church.  so much for COMMITMENT.

this makes me sad.  it makes me feel a bit resentful too.  i know people have the right to take off a sunday (lord knows we do, when mom and dad are on vacation).  during confirmation, we promise to keep the faith, attend church, pray, support our church.  no where in the Bible or in our sacraments does it state "unless it's a nice day out" or "it's a holiday".  thank goodness God doesn't wake up on a beautiful morning and decide to take the day off.  so why should we do it to him?

i am absolutely grateful for the blessings God has given our family.  how else can i show him how grateful i am?  i go to church, despite being tired/headachy/hungry/antsy.  i sing in the choir, becos it makes me feel good.  i bring my children to church, becos i want them to have a close relationship with God too.

i shouldn't judge.  it's none of my business.  but how can one be committed to God if they neglect to show their commitment?



  1. I loved your soapbox moment and feel the same! I too am so glad God doesn't take a day off from me. I am so glad to have found your site. Lots of fun stuff.
    Be blessed! Maryann, a Jersey girl living in Texas.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Glad I'm not alone! Have a great day too Maryanne!


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