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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

good reads - autumn and halloween books

come to my house and there's not a lot of holiday decorations.  all i have are my fall wreathes, punky on the light post, and a few pumpkins on the steps.  i nearly forgot to pull my kids favorite fall/halloween books from the shelves.  we have a basketful.

these are oldies but goodies.  open me...i'm a dog was one of the boy's favorite books when  he was little (and seriously, who doesn't love art spiegelman?)


a few of our favorite fall books...


the boy loves goodnight goon and when a monster is born.  i got hallo-weiner before he was even born.  i got the kiddos bone dog this year.  have a box of tissues nearby.  it made me cry as much as it made me laugh.

another favorite of the boy...i spy books rock

what's this?

it's the little fur family.  author is margaret wise brown (goodnight moon!) and the illustrations are by garth williams, who illustrated the little house books.  i got this book when the boy was a baby.  who doesn't love a book covered in fur?

the kiddos love their book baskets.

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