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Saturday, October 15, 2011

foodie - baked motzie sticks

we love mozzarella sticks but i don't like what they do to my waistline (not to mention they are expensive).  i dug around for some recipes online (many are fried) and cobbled together a baked mozzarella recipe.

preheat oven to 350 F.  empty a jar of marinara sauce in a small sauce pan and heat on low on the stovetop.

i put one cup of flour in a flat dish.  i whisk two eggs in a second flat dish.  i take two cups of bread crumbs (italian is best, i make my own with plain bread crumbs, dried parsley and garlic powder - mix together) and put it in a third dish.  (disregard my dishes - i did this on the fly.  when i bread things i usually use pie pans.)

many recipes recommended using frozen mozzarella - i used string cheese that was in the fridge.  using frozen cheese helps keep the sticks in shape.  if using mozzarella, most recipes suggested cutting it into strips or chunks.

dip sticks into flour, shaking off excess.  dip stick into egg;  allow extra to run off.  dredge stick into breadcrumbs, pressing it into them so they adhere.  lay on a greased baking sheet.

bake sticks for five minutes.  mine melted a bit becos they were fridge temp, not frozen, so i let them sit a few minutes to firm up.

ladle marinara in small cups.  yell "motzarella strips!!" in a nasally voice (like the guy at the snack bar in college used to do).  dip and enjoy!  yummy cheese goodness minus the extra fried calories!

i found a recipe for motzie sticks using wonton wrappers instead of breadcrumbs.  every time i go to the store, i forget to pick up them up.  can't wait to try that version!

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  1. Those look delicious! 'Hi" I'm Brooke from Texas:)


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