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Friday, October 14, 2011

knitting ADD

i just realized today is i love yarn day.  go out and give your yarn a squeeze!

i'm in a knitting tizzy.  i have a bunch of projects OTN and just can't focus to finish one.  i also have a sore shoulder which makes knitting a challenge too.

in addition to the kiddos' owlet sweaters, i started these projects:

october's PSOTMC, plain vanilla sock with zitron trekking xxl.  i think they'll be xmas socks for grams, but i have no gumption to knit on them.  plus i have two other unfinished pairs to complete!!

this is the start of a shawl from a pattern i bought at KDO.  it's the bourbon street shawl.  i'm using cascade yarns heritage solids quatro colors in cerulean.  the pattern isn't even in ravelry's data base yet, it's so new.  bit intimidated by that.

throw in my two sweaters, two weener dogs in need of arms and ears, jonesing for mittens, a few hats...ugh.  i just have no focus.

how do you focus on getting your knitting done?


  1. I understand about having a lot of projects... I'm usally a knitting monogamist and having more than three projects starts to muddle me up. I usually prioritize projects based on when I want them done, like if I'm finishing them for a certain person I'll use the date I want to give it to them... then I'll work on the projects I "have to finish" first.

    I usually give into temptation a lot, though - I would definitely want to make a bourbon street shawl for myself!

    Another thing that I do is pick the low-hanging fruit. So, if weener dogs just need arms and ears, maybe you could declare this week "weener week" and finish them up?

  2. Good idea about Doxie week. Seriously the work left is a tiny bit. I'm thinking about giving the to the kiddos for Xmas presents so that gives me a deadline.

    I'm also thinking about knitting a quick hat or mittens for petunia's new coat. Sometimes a quick knit is enough to loosen up the works to get me motivated again.

    I don't say it much but I really do appreciate your input alyssa! Thank you to reading my blog!


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