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Monday, October 3, 2011

i want my $4!!

several weeks ago i got my premium check from the county fair.  i assumed i was going to receive $23 but it was short $4.

i sat and tried to figure out how they got to the amount on the check.  first place was worth $4 and second place was worth $3.  i calculated my total to be this:

$4 (socks)
$4 (scarf)
$4 (shawl)
$4 (mittens)
$4 (hat)
$3 (sweater)

the only way i came to the amount on their check was

$4 (socks)    \
$3 (sweater) /  i got this amount as they were the only categories where i had competition
$3   \
$3       i got this amount if i won
$3       first place with no competition.
$3   /

so i sent a letter to the fair committee asking if there was a miscalculation.  while there's a rule that "rules are subject to change" i didn't think it included getting less money in a category with no competition (last year i competed with no competition and i received the full amount).  anyway, it's not my fault there was no competition in some of the categories and it wouldn't be fair to penalize me financially becos of it.

i didn't think anyone would respond to my letter, but the fair secretary called me to inquire.  according to their calculations, they had the scores for all but the scarf and could i verify that i'd won first place for that?  of course i could - i not only had the ribbon but the seal as well.  the secretary said that she would leave a note with someone who all of the score sheets (to be tabulated in the computer).  the lady also commented that in all the years of the fair, there was never a mistake in premiums.  i told her that the first year i entered another fair i was shorted money there (which i never rectified - i left it alone becos it was a bigger fair and figured i'd have a fight on my hands).

it's been nearly three weeks, and i still haven't received the $4 owed to me.  i'll probably write it off and treat this as another lesson learned.  it stinks, but the way society is anymore, i have no faith in anyone's honesty anyway.

i haven't cashed my original premium check either, and i'll have to eventually.  it's bad enough i'm out $4, i don't want to be out $19 either.

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  1. Wow! That really stinks... but those prizes are pretty awesome! My county fair only pays about a quarter if you win first prize... so, it's not really worth anything.


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