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Sunday, October 2, 2011

passing on the faith

the boy received a Bible from my mom and dad for his birthday:

(the crown just hide's the boy's name.  trust me, this book is pristine - for now!)

this ribbon marker was my dad's.  he got it in seminary.  it's probably older than me.  i was touched that my dad passed on his book marker to the boy.

a few weeks ago the boy was honored (along with other kids in his sunday school class) for learning the Lord's prayer.  when we received a letter in the mail saying that he would be recognized in church, the boy started to cry.  i asked him what was wrong and he said "mom, these are happy tears.  i'm just so happy".  i told him how proud we were of his endeavor.  he also knows much of the liturgy of the service by heart.  there are many adults who can't do that.

it is so important to celebrate these milestones.  there are so many more faith milestones to look forward to.

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