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Thursday, October 13, 2011

i want my craft tv!

i just discovered that our cable system now carries create tv.  this channel airs all kinds of crafting, cooking and home improvement shows that are usually run on PBS.  knit and crochet today was a show that ran on that channel, and i always wished it was on our schedule.

well, i guess my wish got granted!  not only do i get this show, but i also get katie brown workshop and b organic with michele beschen!  now i can get my crafty groove on!

on top of that DIY is rerunning old episodes of creative juice and my very favorite, knitty gritty!  i doubt they will last long - last year DIY ran KG for a couple of months (that seems to be their MO - a couple months of this, a couple months of that) but right now i'm in crafty heaven.

i wish there were more crafting shows on tv.  or at least made available online.  if the the home improvement channels don't want to run crafting shows (becos supposedly they don't bring in the ad revenue as a home renovation show) why can't they release them on DVD or online?  i would buy KG on DVD in a heartbeat.

i watched KG for the past couple of weeks, and they are a bit dated.  i shouldn't say dated - but they are several years old.  i wonder if the yarn used on the show is even available?  i don't care though...i am so glad to have my craft tv back!

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