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Thursday, October 20, 2011

more missoni

still finding more missoni at target.

i got two sweater dresses for petunia (that girl made out like a bandit!).  the brown dress might be wearable this year (with brown tights and a cream turtleneck underneath she'll be adorable) but the purple one will be for next year (and quite possibly the year after).

got the makeup bag last week.  it's nice and roomy for my favorite make up.  it's  my first "designer" make up bag since my old bags consisted of freebies i got with make up purchases or pocketbooks.

i'm so happy to finally have a laptop sleeve!  i didn't see this one last week (i think someone held pieces back) and when i saw it i grabbed it.  i love the colors and it looks cheerful.

all that remains are a couple pairs of lace tights, *2* sets of dishes (the brown one and now a *black* set), a neck pillow, the king sized comforter and the black lap top sleeve.

i think you can stick a fork in me.  i'm done.

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