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Friday, October 21, 2011

the knitter's book of socks

i saw this book and ordered it immediately.  it arrived at my house a few days ago.

this is the knitter's book of socks.  i am ashamed to admit that i didn't know who clara parkes was.  i've heard about her in conversation on revelry but had no clue how influential she was in the world of knitting.  (yes, i heard of knitter's review but for some reason i don't go to that site.  for shame on me.)

i flipped through the book one evening and was impressed by the information within - from fiber content to structure to tips on making socks fit better.  i also finally found out what negative ease is!  i see negative/positive ease as tags on patterns on rav, and always wondered what that meant.

and the sock patterns.  oh golly ned, the glorious 20 sock patterns designed by the likes of melissa morgan-oakes, jared flood, lucy neatby and cookie a, just for a start!  i was so excited to see what the book offered, and the patterns do not disappoint.  there are lace, cables, ribs and even colorwork (that would be lucy's which are double knit).

this book also overwhelmed me a bit.  well, the patterns overwhelmed me.  i look at them and know i can knit them...but i'm scared to!  isn't that silly!  why should i be afraid of cat bordhi's socks?!

i can't wait to finish slogging through the three pairs OTN complete the socks i have in the works, so i can cast on a pair from this book!

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  1. When I was at Rhinebeck, they had this book and a big bowl of samples of socks! It was so cool to see them up close!


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