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Thursday, October 27, 2011

my waterloo

apparently i suck at making hats.  i either make them too big, too short or phallic-y.  i've yet to knit a hat that i really liked.

the boy needed a hat for his donkey kong costume (brown sweats + red tie and lettering = voila).

i remembered the hat i made him for his scooby costume years ago, so i dug it out and pondered how i could rehabilitate it.


holy hanna, i can tell this was one of my first attempts at knitting.  so many mistakes.  to start:

i tied the ears on.  really!!  i didn't weave the ends in!

matter of fact, i didn't weave any ends in!  how did i miss that???

i thought i knit this in the round, but after picking what seemed for forever i discovered that i knit this flat, decreasing at the crown.

so i frogged the hat and knit a basic beanie on a size 11 needle.  it ended too shortly and basically looked like an overgrown yarmulke.  the boy also reminded me that donkey kong had some hair sticking up, and the hat had to go.

(no pictures.  too ashamed).

as i was digging around for a gauntlet pattern, i found the meathead hat.  bulky yarn (check) simple construction (check) quick knit (check check check!!).  i finished it in about an hour:

knit with lion brand jiffy thick and quick on size 11 straight (!!) needles.  this is an awesome pattern and would look especially cute on a wee one.  i think i'll remember it for next year...i'm thinking gnomes for the kiddos' halloween costumes.

for once...i knit a good hat.

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