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Friday, October 28, 2011

petunia's tam

petunia needed a new hat for her new winter coat.  it was a dark lavender color and came with a polar fleece beanie but i wanted something cute.  i bought some spud and chloe sweater in swimming pool aqua before i knew what color the coat was.  aqua and purple would look horrendous so i stash dived for something better.

with a deep sigh, i offered up sugar bunny in lavender.  i planned to make a pair of mittens for myself with this yarn (it's limited edition!)  soft, fuzzy and warm, perfect for petunia.  knit on size 6 needles, i worked up a tammy hat based on ann budd's basic tam pattern.  it was a quick knit and i love it. i tried to block it on my largest dinner plate, but it's still a wee big for her.  it's okay - she'll need a warm hat of years to come.

here's the back...there's a tiny glitch in the decreases and one was a bit off but i love how the swirl looks.  i need to make one of these for myself.

next time, i'll use a smaller size needle for the ribbed band, and knit a bit more of it too.

now i need to knit her a pair of mittens...

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  1. It looks cute on her! Lovely color for her with her hair!


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