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Saturday, October 29, 2011

worms and eyeballs

one of my family's favorite meals is "worms and eyeballs".  this is a rachael ray recipe from long ago.  it's a great one to serve for halloween!

ground chicken breast, finely diced red pepper, scallions, garlic and ground ginger (i had no fresh ginger root so i had to substitute with powdered ginger), with hoison sauce.

i use a small scoop to make meat balls (usually i use my hands but i was chasing after the kiddos while making this meal and didn't want my hands mucked up).  bake these for 10-12 minutes in a 400F oven.

while the meatballs bake, saute pea pods (these were frozen, i think they were buttered too o.O), grated carrot and sliced red pepper.

add al dente pasta to the vegetables.  the recipe calls for bucatini but it's hard to find in my area.  i used a mix of pasta (basically the leftover pasta jar) so this had colored cavatappi, shells, radiatori, rotini and wagon wheels.  i figured the squiggles were like worms, and the shells were like snails.

add tamari sauce to the mixture and stir together.

take meatballs out of oven...

and top mixture with them.

serve up.  as petunia says, "yum yum!"

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