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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

past knits

i cleaned out my closet a few weeks ago to purge items for my church's rummage sale.  i found these knitted goodies stuffed in a purse:

basic everyday purse (rav linky) by bev galeskas (bob rest her soul).  this is the first felted purse i ever made.  i don't recall the yarn, but it's probably patons.  i have no idea where i got that shell on the flap.  i guess i was trying to be exotic.

pocket purse by bev.  the yarn was plymouth galway (i think) in eggplant and celedon (i do remember that much).  i called it my eggplant purse.

look at how i sewed those buttons are.  pretty crappy.

i thought i was so hot knitting a lucy bag.  i thought i was knitting a rare bag...until i saw the same one at a LYS in vermont.  i ordered the pattern and yarn (cascade 220 in pansy) from yarn barn, making this my very first internet knitting project.  this was my birthday gift to me.  now i buy yarn to make me feel better.

i also called this purse my muppet bag, for obvious reasons:

it's been ages since i made a felted bag (felted anything really, since the FP slippers killed my washing machine last year and i'm scared to death to do anything in the new one).  guess i should knit something up and felt it!

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