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Monday, November 7, 2011

lookit! i gotz memes!**

seems that my blog isn't so loosey goosey anymore.  i have some actual daily topics now.

i started my faith sundays several months ago as a way to express my thoughts on my journey in faith.

a month ago i started gratitude wednesdays to track the 1000 gifts (and more) in my life.

lately i've been posting recipes or pictures of meals on saturdays.  foodie saturdays!

now i have a new one - pinterest fridays!  i thought it might be fun to post pictures of some of my pins - things that tickle my fancy (that's one of my boards incidentally).

as always, i'll continue posting my adventures in knitting and crafting, with occasional visits from the kids.  let's see how far i can go with this!

** i hope what i got are memes.  i'm such a dork i had to google the definition.  

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