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Saturday, November 5, 2011

a wonderful gadget

guess what this is!

a couple weeks ago i was out of grated cheddar.  i had a block of farmer's cheddar and pondered how i could shred it.  i had a box shredder (too clunky) and a flat grater (too awkward) but remembered i had mm's nut grater.  so i cut up some chunks and gave it a spin (no pun intended!)

love love love this gadget!  the grater worked like a charm!  the cheese grates were fine but melted so nicely.

i got this when mm moved up here and purged her belongings.  i liked it becos it was old.  now i like it becos it is functional.

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  1. Sweetie that is a cheese grater! For hard cheeses like parmeasan (sp?) or pecorino romano. Been using one for ages and never thought to use for nuts. How does it work for nuts? Any good?
    Maryann, an Italian american lost in Texas. Blessings!


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