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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

meet jolie chapeau

i got me a foam head to model my hats and scarves/cowls:

and yes, it's name means "pretty hat".  cos i'm weird like that.


  1. Super coincidence! W brought me a foam head that he found in a recycling bin at school. I haven't named her yet...

  2. You crack me up! I keep thinking of the perfume with the similar name....
    And then Angelina J.....and I really don't like her, except for in the movie "Salt." Her lips are too big, but Jolie Chapeau has nice, non-collagen lips. HA HA

  3. @alyssa - that is funny! great deal too - free!

    @kristin - they had freakier heads - one looked like an alien! i wanted to name it "chapeau" but that would be a weird first name, hence jolie!


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