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Thursday, December 15, 2011

might as well use them

my knitted dishrag supply is pretty sad.  i threw away one that shredded (i have no idea how this happened) and others that are just so stinky and disgusting no amount of washing soda or vinegar can rehabilitate them.

while i sit surrounded by holiday knits and neglected WIPs i pondered when i'd find the time to crank out a few dishrags.  i have tons of cotton yarn; i actually bought some over the past few months, including a skein of dishie from KP that i'm dying to try.  then i prayed that my ILs could pick me up a couple at the craft bazaars they frequent.  hubby's MM used to give me dishrags and scrubbies for christmas and now that she is living in a retirement facility, i doubt i'll get any now.

while cleaning out the mitten and hat bins this week, i found these:

dishcloths!  i entered the sunflower one in the county fair a few years ago but didn't win becos it had no category.  the multicolored one is a praying hands one (like the red one that shredded).  and those are M-D ball band dishcloths that i cranked out while healing from my miscarriage.

i remembered a (loose) quote by the mason dixon ladies - dishrags are meant to be used - they are not precious objects.  why should i hang onto these dishrags?  they're just sitting around, not doing me much good, when they could be earning their keep scrubbing my cast iron skillet and the kiddos' cups.

that sigh you just heard?  relief that now i don't have to make any dishrags!

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