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Friday, December 16, 2011

pinterest friday - christmas present edition

here's what's pinned to my boards this week...


i got something similar to these for the boy at michael's.  i should have picked up a few for myself!


i'd be happy with a stainless steel kitchenaide but i'll take this!

Blue Canary in the Outlet by the Light Switch

some TMBG humor

wooden yarn bowl

i would love a wooden yarn bowl

Inner message ring

wish i could get one that says fylwaaffeab

for the kiddos:


they'd smash this in a second

mushroom lamp for petunia?

i'd love this if petunia ever had her own room

elmo and oscar
abby and big bird

santa's bringing them these

for the boy:

for the boy

would love to get this for the boy

microscope set

maybe this next year?

for hubby:

hubby wants this

we talk about getting one of these but have no idea where to hang it!

Urban Outfitters world map watch. Freaking Cute!

hubby likes maps, he might like this watch.  shame it's sold out!

what a gorgeous house.

maybe some day, if i'm really really good?!

all images courtesy of their links; otherwise pinterest.

what's pinned on your boards?

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