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Saturday, December 31, 2011

nuts to you!

i was at a loss as to what to give hubby for christmas this year.

while shopping at aldi, i found tins of fancy nuts.  hubby likes nuts but flavored ones are loaded with salt. so i bought a pouch of plain cashews and a pouch of plain almonds and decided to make him homemade flavored nuts.

these are sweet and spicy chinese five spice roasted almonds.  the only mod i made to this recipe was using straight up sugar instead of stevia.

can't find the cashew recipe, but it called for chili powder (i used chipolte for a smokey flavor), sea salt and a smudge of olive oil.

hubby was surprised to find flavored nuts under the tree.  he thought i slaved away making them!  they were really easy - only a few minutes to mix up spices.

i think i'll buy some more pouches of nuts, so hubby and i can experiment and create new nut flavors.

homemade flavored nuts make awesome gifts.

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