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Sunday, January 1, 2012


i recently read an article about debbie macomber in Guideposts magazine.  she talked about how she chooses one word to focus on for the upcoming year.  previous words she picked were prayer, trust and surrender.  she explained how each of these words affected her and her family. she discusses this in a recently released book.

i usually don't make new year's resolutions.  i'm horrible at keeping them.  i do the usual eat healthy/exercise more/relax/etcetc.  debbie's word focus intrigued me, and i thought it would be fun to try for the incoming year.

the word i chose is change.  i experienced a lot of it this past year, and i don't think i handled it as well.  i'm anal retentive and a horrible control freak, so it's natural for me to feel completely uncomfortable with change.  but change is good.  change is necessary.  change will happen whether i like it or not.  perhaps by focusing on it - acknowledging it - i can feel more comfortable with it.

if you picked a word to focus on this year, what would it be and why?

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