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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby triggers

you would think that with toddler twins and almost four years separating my pregnancy loss, that baby triggers would be a thing of the past.  alas, i must harbor some bitterness still.

american horror storyparenthood and now good luck charlie.  why must television shows feature women of a certain age getting pregnant so easily?  let's parse this out (and beware of SPOILERS)...

on parenthood, a main character announces her pregnancy the same day her husband gets sacked at work.    oops!  (yes, i realize this was a plot in the original movie).  at least the infertility/subsequent adoption storyline of another character on the show seemed plausible.

on american horror story, a character has a stillbirth, then gets pregnant not only by her husband but by rape by the rubber man!  "twins" by two different "men"!  (and let's not forget the subplot of another character who accidentally gets pregnant, goes for an abortion then cancels the procedure.)

the boy and i watched the holiday special of good luck charlie, which was very nice, except at the end, when the mom announces she's pregnant AGAIN.  maybe the actress is pregnant in real life and they're building it into the storyline, but my guess is that they're adding a different dynamic to the show, making charlie the big sister instead of the baby.

i hate when television shows make getting pregnant look so easy, especially when it's a woman my age (and i surmise, in the case of parenthood and AHR, older).  it shouldn't bug me, but they did give that punch to the gut.

lastly (and i feel bad admitting this), michelle duggar has always been a trigger for me.  she had a baby (#18) born around the time of ani's EDD, then got pregnant right over with #19 (and we know the struggle the family had with that pregnancy and birth).  when i found out she was pregnant with #20, i felt resentful.  i remember thinking this woman had complications with the previous pregnancy.  why would you risk your life and your newborn child's just to have another baby?  maybe #19 was God's way of saying stop?  then michelle lost the baby, and i felt horrible.  i don't wish pregnancy loss on anyone.  (sorry, judgey mcjudgypants).

ah, that was cathartic.

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