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Monday, January 23, 2012

forgotten knits

i cleaned out the bench by our front door for use as a toy box for the kiddos.  i stored our hats, scarves and mittens in there and i'm going to store them out in the mudroom.  i found these forgotten gems (pre rav, no links!)

lion brand fun fur and chenille hat:

ugh!  you can tell this was one of my first hats.  look at that hole on top!  and the chenille yarn sucks.  it looks like wormy hair yarn.  the hat is a sad love child of the cookie monster and abby cadabby.

lion brand thick and quick and (bernat?) boucle yarn.

the top of the hat doesn't look so bad, but it sat on my head like an oversized pancake.  i'm not sure if this thing was supposed to be a beanie or a flipped brim hat!

second scarf i ever made.  i think the yarn is bamboo, from mad about ewes.  gobsmacked i made a keyhole scarf.  not bad, but you can see my tension is off in spots.

i made this scarf a few years ago, with boucle from steam valley fiber.  it's a shame i forgot this scarf - it's beautiful and is great to wear.

it's fun to see just how far i've come in my knitting!

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