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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

knits whodunit

i found these goodies in my woolens stash.  the stitches are intriguing and i'm trying to figure out exactly what stitch pattern it is so i can replicate them.

these mittens were my favorite when i was a child.  they aren't hand knit - according to the tag inside one, they were sold at kmart and were made in china (!!)  the inside is lined with machine knit stockinette.  

the back of the mitten.  if that's a cable, it's one i've never seen before.  i poured over my barbara walker treasury #1 and couldn't find a single sample of the cable.  i checked out the the walker treasury for some suggestions but couldn't find anything similar.

the palm of the mitten.  it looks more like moss stitch than seed stitch.

i think i might do some swatching and see what i can come up with.  i'd love an updated pair of those mittens.  i can still wear them, but they're mighty small.

i can't remember ever wearing this hat when i was little.  maybe it's my mom's hat?  it's also not a hand knit.  who knows where it came from.

i love the stitch pattern!  it's not a popcorn stitch, maybe a bubble stitch?  a quick search on ravelry came up with this option.

methinks i'll be doing more swatching so i can knit a bigger hat!

have you designed a knit based on something you wore when you were little?  i'd love to hear about it!

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