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Saturday, January 21, 2012

i still win when i lose it!

i struggle with my weight.  i know what i'm supposed to eat and know i should exercise more but i didn't have a way to be accountable for it.

someone mentioned this awesome site in a parenting group and i checked it out.  there is also an app for my phone so i can list every morsel that goes in  my mouth.  lose it! has a decent list of restaurant and grocery foods, but since i make a lot of homemade meals, i have to hunt down the recipe and add the calorie count per serving for my log.  there is also an exercise list so i can write down how often i swim or walk.

the program allows you to choose how many pounds you want to lose, up to 2 pounds a week.  i chose half a pound a week, to get used to the program, and will probably switch it up to one pound in the future.

is it working?  well, it's a lot easier to see how the things that go in my mouth affect my eating habits.  a value meal from mcd's or bk can wipe out half of my daily allotment of calories, so i choose carefully.  food that i deemed harmless (i'm looking at you lemonade and orange juice) are loaded with calories (not to mention sugar!)

do i stay within my allotment of calories?  for the most part, i'm under unless we eat out or i have a day of stress eating (chips, chocolate bar, fountain coke).  the days when i go over, i just work harder to stay within my number the next day.

is it working?  i have no idear what i weigh (i plugged in the weight from my last doctor's appointment when i started) and i can't stand looking at my scale.  instead i go by how my clothes feel.  a few months on this program, and my jeans feel a little looser.

i get "badges" when i reach a certain goal.  i got this one for logging in once a day for 4 weeks.   this is the longest i've ever stuck to a dietary change.

i'm not sure if it's becos i'm paying more attention to my eating, or hormones, or whatever, but my HS has significantly improved.  my inflamed areas are clear and what spots i do get do not erupt in angry painful centralia-like carbuncles.  this rocks!

my sugars have gotten better too.  that is a huge bonus!  

this site and app are free. i'm sure there are other weight loss sites out there, but this one is working for me at the moment.  wish me luck!

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