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Monday, February 13, 2012

JoePa's the bomb!

this is my most brazen yarn bomb yet.  i "bombed" JoePa!

i got the idea when i saw all the mementos left at JoePa's statue - flowers, candles, pictures.  a man left a set of rosary beads in his hand.  people draped an american flag and a scarf around his neck.  the makeshift shrine was dismantled shortly after his memorial service with the items dried and stored for the family to sift through at a later date.

i got the idea to yarn bomb the statue after seeing the stuff left behind.  statues are popular places to bomb - people knit hats, scarves or other things and place them on the statue in jest.  i wanted to be respectful so i decided to knit up a wristlet - it's  something an athlete wears anyway and it would look discreet.

with worsted weight yarn, i cast on 40 stitches on size 6 DPNs.  i knit two rows of blue then switched to white, knitting three rows of white to two rows of blue (the blue yarn was acrylic, the white was cotton-ease and a bit thinner).  

i wrote a note on a piece of felt...

the band had to be big enough to slip over JoePa's big metal paw

so hubby and i drove out to penn state on sunday for his LCM board meeting.  we had some time to kill before i could drop him off so i asked him to drive me to the shrine (until his death, i never knew it existed).  there were a couple visitors there when we arrived, so i waited my turn and took a few pictures:

when it was my turn i slipped the band on the wrist.  it barely fit - i had to stretch that sucker to get it on.  guess i should have cast on 50 stitches instead!  the note is tucked inside the band.

proof that it happened:

people are still leaving mementos - i surmise the shrine will get cleaned up soon and with it my wrist band (unless it gets stolen first).

we arrived just in time - as i was leaving an econovan arrived with a gaggle of tourists!  i surmise JoePa's shrine will become as popular as the nittany lion shrine.

i had fun doing this tag!  it's fun doing something naughty with my craft!  if someone can knit a sweater for mr. rogers, then i can certainly knit a wristlet for JoePa!

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